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Why should you use
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When you have a home emergency like a pipe bursting and flooding your home or your air conditioner going out while your relatives are in town, you need help fast! If you don’t already know a Contractor that can help, you scramble trying to find a Contractor that you can trust to fix your problem.

If you have a dream project that you’re finally ready to have done, how do you pick the right person to do the job? Your Local Contractor Guide was created to be your “go to” website for all of these situations.

From your computer, tablet or mobile phone, we are here to help 24/7. Our company consists of Southwest Florida locals, that want the same thing you do. We want contractors that are reliable, efficient and qualified. If you are looking for local contractors that have been vetted, are licensed and insured, have a good reputation, high star rating on several online sites, and are some of the best in their trade, look no further!

Simple to Use

Using the site is simple. You can simply choose the category that you are looking for, in the area that you are located in. You will then see what contractors are available in the area and get their information so you can then reach out to get more information or schedule an estimate. We provide a platform for the contractors to introduce themselves, their business and the services that they provide. Some will provide pictures of their past projects, introduction videos and even reviews from customers and other contractors that have worked with them in the past.

Absolutely No Data Collection

We don’t collect your information and we certainly do not sell it to several contracting companies that will stalk you for your business like some other websites do. Since everyone has different expectations, we highly encourage you to explore several contractors to complete your project and get 2 or 3 estimates so you can feel confident that you choose the best fit for you. You will not get calls from LCG or the contractors. You will not get spammed with emails.

You do not even have to create an account. We simply provide the information of the best contractors around and everything else is in your control.

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Tips for Southwest Florida Homeowners

Make sure you get three estimates:

We always encourage our users to get more than one estimate. Getting three estimate raises your chances for getting the contractor that best fits your needs. And allows you to get to know more local businesses for future projects.

Look for contractors who have worked with other contractors:

One of the most important things in SW Florida for these contractors is their reputation. If you have a contractor that you have worked with in the past and trust, consider reaching out to them to see if they have any contractors that we work with in the specific field that you are interested in. This allows you to have someone to reference and allows you to go into a project feeling more confident.